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K9 Cargo Screening

Phantom K9 cargo screening teams ensure safety while reducing costs

K9 cargo screening teams can help you increase productivity, reduce cocst, and move cargo through your facility in less time. Implementing K9 technology will lower your overall screening cost without sacrificing safety.

Everything that travels on a passenger aircraft inside the United States must be screened. More recent changes to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) security standards remove distinction between passenger and cargo operations. This shifts the screen requirement to all cargo transported. Homeland Security and the TSA have established the Third Party Canine Screening or 3PK9 program to create and monitor Certified Cargo Screening Facility – Canine (CCSF-K9). Private sector canine companies will provide TSA certified cargo screening canine teams to assist in meeting these new requirements.


Why K9 Cargo Screening?


Move More Cargo Faster

Move more cargo through your facility each day with our faster and more accurate screening methods. These solutions are effective with many types of cargo configurations. from pallets, skids and unit load devices (ULDs) to loose or bagged cargo.


Improve Instead of Phasing Out

Stop using expensive screening technologies that will be phased out. Instead, canines continuously learn and improve their catalogue of scents, making them more valuable as they work.


Lower Labor Costs

K9 cargo screening teams decrease man hours and time spent on breaking down and then re-palletizing cargo, thereby cutting the amount of time necessary for the screening process.


Reduce Fines

Reduce your liability by transferring the chain of custody to us.

We’ve been creating screening programs for customers for over 15 years. With our explosive detection dog teams (EDDTs), we can develop turnkey screening solutions to fit unique needs across the globe.